Integsoft-business integration

Integsoft is a software company, whose goal is to develop an integrated system in online platform, Cloud technology, using any existing device, like: notepad, tablet, Smartphone Etc.
The company Established in 2001, located in Raanana and employs Developers, Project Manager, Professional administrator and people who Specialist in the poultry and finance industry.
We have the all operation support systems for multi-organizational, users end systems. Technology- based solutions in a variety of tools and have the perfect answer to all levels of the organization. "Integsoft" is at the forefront of technology, enabling our customers to be at the forefront of the market.
The systems we have developed allow organizations run their operations efficiently and to become self- sustaining businesses. We built it to let organizations focus on their clients and services without having to worry about technology, software or hardware.
As we look forward to Declare, We have extensive experience and expertise in two core systems which we dealt with in the last 10 years:

Management of poultry integrations, focusing on planning tracking control and monitoring of farms hen- houses includes within it all Broiler integration system.
Such like:
* Planning flocks marketing for slaughter plants Consideration the market demand.
* Managing the feed processing, Water, electricity, heating, upholstery, mortality, drugs and vaccines.
* Weighing broiler in slaughterhouse.
* Manages the production floor.
* All Feed – Mills software and premix module.

Produce managerial reporting tools for users and general managements through our technology to synchronize data from HMI Controller to any ERP systems.

Integsoft developed Cash Advance web system since 2007 which offers an integrated payday, title and consumer instalment loan software solution with optional integrated services such ACH, check verification system, and credit card processing all rolled into one package that is specifically engineered for windows and Web application. The system business logic focused in extends short term loans to customers based upon a predefined interest rate established in a table. Those in the quick cash / fast cash business of making short term payday loans and longer term instalment loans will appreciate its ability to track customers and the loans given to them.
Our advantage is extensive experience and knowledge supporting the needs of this industry.